Soylent Beck

I agree with you, Glenn. Burning corpses as a means of generating power is repugnant. More repugnant is having friends and neighbors that commit murder.

The news over the last couple of months that murdered babies are being incinerated with medical waste as a means of generating electricity has shocked and grabbed the attention of many. Like a magician’s sleight of hand, we are directed to look at the by-product of murder instead of the actual heinous act. Abortion is murder; that is the crime. Destroying a corpse, while detestable, has never carried the same weight as murdering a human being. As usual, we stand around decrying an ethical mole hill, unaware of the societal mountain from which we will soon fall.
The subject came up again yesterday when we heard Glenn Beck droning on about the bible and how “God will not hold us blameless.” That is his favorite refrain of late. Like the prototypical disc jockey he is, Beck’s phenomenal success is exceeded only by his self worth. Wrapped up in a good guy, preacher-man, marketing plan, Beck hocks his product daily to an audience made up of the fearful. Who can help but be afraid in today’s environment? Over the last couple of decades, the U.S. has lost its moral high ground in the world. Insane policy at home and abroad has become the norm. Americans (fatter and lazier than ever) have been infected with an entitlement mentality. Our enablers in Washington seek to herd us like sheep. We’ve degenerated into a feudal society in which they are the lords and we are the vassals. They see fit to grant us privileges when they wish and we are all too happy to keep them safe in their castles. On our backs is the full weight of their luxury. One needs look no further than the income disparity between the wealth around Washington D.C. and that of the rest of the nation to see who the lords and ladies are, but the U.S. is not the only institution that has been transformed. The Catholic Church, once instrumental in providing charity and hope to millions, has been put in a medieval light as well. Not since the Inquisition have so many horrors come out of the Church as what we’ve seen over the last fifty years. Despite having the morally correct position on the issue at hand, abortion, they are no longer an authority on anything. Therefore, the impact the Church should carry is minimized. This is not a treatise on U.S. or Church policy though; it is a statement about my old friend, Mr. Beck.
When it comes to the state of the world, Mr. Beck is probably right more often than he’s wrong. Progressives do want more control over our lives. Republicans are as bad as Democrats. We are at the end of an era, vis-à-vis constitutional government. All true. It’s only since he’s started getting messages directly from God that he’s begun to irritate me so much. “Promptings,” he calls them. I have a firm belief in God. This is not about faith in God. It’s about my faith in Glenn Beck, which has been wavering for some time. I’ve been on the Beck train for many years now, but over the last several (which have been his biggest) I’ve started eyeing the emergency exit. Back in the day, I listened because he was funny and different than most radio talkers. His humor was different from Limbaugh’s, and unlike Hannity, he was more than just a parrot for what everyone else was saying. The transition to television is where he started to lose me. Somewhere between his gig at CNN and Fox, Beck decided that Martin Luther King was his new hero. He talks about him all the time. MLK this, Ben Franklin that, Woodrow Wilson hit me with a wiffle-ball bat. Okay, I get it. History is important. I love history. I bore my friends to tears with history and God. We have that in common. What I don’t do is hold myself out as MLK or Gandhi. God doesn’t speak to me directly. He speaks directly to special people destined to do great things. Is it possible that Mr. Beck is a modern day Abraham? Maybe, but it seems less than likely. What is more likely is that Glenn Beck is like most other televangelists. They start down a path with a genuine desire to do good, but somewhere along the way their own hubris trips them up. Beck said yesterday that he knew how risky it would be bringing God into the limelight. He warned the staff how dangerous it would be for their careers. Like so many risks, it came with a huge reward. Beck is bigger than ever. He commands a larger audience than ever and has amassed a fortune in the process.soylent
Back to the abortion and incineration. Beck said that if his power was coming from aborted people (“Soylent Green is PEOPLE!” he screamed) he will just go off the grid. I’m buying huge generators and getting off the grid, he said. This is the evidence of the man’s disconnect. Most of us don’t have that option. Without a media empire to support our journey towards moral correctness, we have to make decisions in the real world; decisions like buying our power from the grid, or downgrading our children’s’ way of life. While it might be morally correct to go off grid, these decisions are not as easy as taking a fraction of our fortune and building a compound for the family. I agree with you, Glenn. Burning corpses as a means of generating power is repugnant. More repugnant is having friends and neighbors that commit murder. These are not mutually exclusive events. If a newborn is neglected in any way, the act is criminal. While in the womb, that same human has no human rights. That is where the problem exists. When Glenn Beck is in the right, I will continue to be on his side. When he’s funny, I will continue to laugh. And when God prompts me, I will remind everyone to point their righteous indignation in the right direction. Abortion is murder.

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