dance decorum grinding down to nothing

Fine words from an impressive young lady.

georgiana sook

Prom is just around the corner, as is evidenced by the excited conversations being held in classrooms and the pictures of promposals being plastered across social media feeds. (Insert  four heart eye emojis here.)
Of the many things people seem to be stressing about, I’ve come to find a great deal of irony in our school administration explicitly reiterating its concern about how students (specifically girls) will dress for the occasion. Indeed, prom is a formal event, and a level of decorum is certainly to be maintained. But I think we’re missing the bigger picture here.
When it comes to school dances, it’s a well known fact that clothing is not the primary source of sexual explicitness. We live in a generation where the social norm is for girls at a dance to spend more time with their hands on the ground than in the air. But since when is…

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